About ETV


East Haven Public Television, Inc. (ETV) is a non profit organization in the Town of East Haven, Connecticut. Its primary function is to oversee the operation of the community access television channels in the Town of East Haven. These are Channel 18 – Public AccessChannel 19 – Education Access, and Channel 20 – Government Access.

The non profit corporation consists of volunteer officers, board of directors and members.

ETV maintains a studio and broadcast facility at 400 Coe Avenue in East Haven. The day to day operation of the facility is handled by ETV’s part time staff with the assistance of volunteers.

You do not have to be a member of ETV to utilize the studio facility or equipment. Any resident of the Town of East Haven may do so by simply contacting the facility and scheduling an appointment. ETV also has loan out equipment that can be taken into the field.

Every talent and interest can be explored at ETV. ETV producers enjoy seeing their ideas turned into programs. These range from sports, local talent, government issues, non profit events, town events and much more.

ETV has been bringing local programming to our viewers for  20 years. We are looking for creative and enthusiastic individuals who would like to share their talents with our community.

We are always in need of producers, camera operators, on-air personalities. Remember don’t just watch TV… make it with ETV.

Contact US:

East Haven Public Access Television (ETV) can be reached via phone at 203-469-6151 or you can email us at info@easthaven.tv You can also write us at:

400 COE AVENUE P.O BOX 120363,