Policies & Procedures

The following is the ETV Facility Procedure Manual, available in text below or downloadable in PDF format.

  ETV Facility Procedure Manual (190.5 KiB, 1,834 hits)

Rules & Guidelines for East Haven PEG Access Channels 18, 19 & 20

Revised April 2010

East Haven Public Television, Inc., referred to as ETV, is the recognized PEG Access provider in the Town of East Haven by the Cable Advisory Council of South Central Connecticut and the State of Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control. ETV supports distribution of media programs on designated cable and video channels authorized by federal and State regulation. ETV also supports video streaming. As of 2010, this includes Comcast Cable, AT&T U-Verse Video and V-Brick Internet Streaming.

Executive Operations Manager (Channels 18. 19 & 20): Ray Smith
Email: etvreysmith AT sbcglobal DOT net
Phone: 203-469-6151

Channel 18
The public access channel is located at 400 Coe Avenue.
Production Manager: Nicola Cuomo
Email: nicola AT easthaventv DOT org
Phone: 203-469-6151

Channel 19
The education access channel is located at the East Haven High School on Wheelbarrow Lane.
Coordinator: Rob Becker
Email:  rbecker AT mail.east-haven.kl2.ct DOT us
Phone: 203-468-3911

Channel 20
The government access channel is located at Coe Avenue. See Channel 18 above for Contact Information.

ETV provides the residents of East Haven the opportunity to produce and distribute programs on designated cable and video channels and V-Brick Internet Streaming. All programs may be submitted for airing to the individuals noted above.

Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access Television are different things to different people. It is watching government in action, community issues, church services, school sports and activities or artistic reflection and the cultural flavor of our community.

These guidelines have been developed by the Board of Directors of ETV to answer questions concerning the policies and procedures associated with PEG access in East Haven. They are based upon the fundamental purposes of PEG access as described in DPUC regulations which include but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing First Amendment Rights
  • Providing for the dissemination of diverse views
  • Providing a forum for ideas and information
  • Providing alternatives to commercial programming
  • Enhancing a sense of community in town

Section I- Producing

Becoming a PEG Access Producer
If you have an idea for a program that is non-commercial and is of interest to the residents of East Haven, you can become a producer. Programs are aired seven days a week.

1. Producer Responsibilities (Public Channels 18 Only)
As a new producer you will be expected to attend a basic production workshop at the ETV Studio. It will cover pre-production, on location shooting, studio productions and post production. These workshops are held throughout the year. As the producer you have the responsibility of putting a crew together, scheduling the use of the ETV Facility, contacting guests, doing research, writing, providing talent, securing release forms and so on. The producer MUST inform all on-camera talent that he/she is an independent producer and not an employee of ETV. As producer you should secure the necessary release form from all guests and you must adhere to the rules and guidelines set forth by ETV.

  Talent Release Form (60.1 KiB, 1,548 hits)

2. Program Content (PEG Channels 18, 19 & 20)
Material transmitted over the PEG channels whether produced locally or provided from another source must comply with the following criteria:

  • NO USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL- without prior consent in writing from its owner. This consists of but not limited to music, video clips, logos, jingles…
  • NO mention of prices or monetary donations including solicitations on behalf of candidates for public office.
  • NO mention of Seminars, consultations, lectures, for which the viewer will
    be charged.
  • NO mention of commercial activities including but not limited to concert and club dates.
  • NO promotion of lottery materials or similar enterprises
  • NO libelous, slanderous, or illegal material
  • NO obscene or sexually explicit conduct or material and/or promoting unlawful conduct
  • NO material which incites violent or harmful acts on others persons
  • NO programs which contain any material otherwise unprotected by the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • NO programs requiring union residual or other payment including but not limited to talent and crew unless those payments have been waived or executed.

Use of the channels, ETV Facility or PEG access equipment, including the sale and production of tapes for FINANCIAL GAIN is strictly prohibited.

No selling or promotion of program time, charging guests, or otherwise engaging in profitable use of the studio facility or programs produced is strictly prohibited.

Programs in a foreign language must be accompanied by a written synopsis in English at the time of submission.

3. Publicity & Promotion
If you want to publicize your program, to ensure the non-commercial nature of the program and compliance with these rules, ETV should be consulted beforehand and be provided a copy of any literature. ETV will not act as an agent to promote or publicize independently produced programs. ETV will promote the use of the channel. Every attempt will be made to air programs as scheduled, however, ETV cannot be held liable for any funds expended in publicity in the event of failure to cablecast as scheduled.

4. Viewer Response
Viewer response may be encouraged by displaying producers address and/or telephone number as part of the credits or during a break in the program. This response address/telephone number may not be that of commercial business or service and no business names can be displayed. ETV’s address and phone number cannot be used unless prior permission is obtained from the ETV Board of Directors.

If a complaint is submitted in writing to ETV that a program being aired is in violation of Item 2 (Program Content) above, the program will be immediately taken off the air and out of scheduled programming. It will then be forwarded to the Cable Advisory Council for further review. (Remember by airing your name and telephone number, you are allowing residents to contact you. ETV is not responsible for anyone who has written or called you in an offensive or illegal manner.)

5. Sponsorship
Sponsorship by business, individual or non profit organization is allowed. Sponsorship contributions are for production expenses, exclusive of time (video supplies, props, transportation, guests) and may not exceed the cost of production. All sponsorship must be disclosed on the appropriate ETV Sponsorship Disclose Form and accompany the and accompany the submitted program.

  Become an ETV Business Sponsor (52.6 KiB, 1,112 hits)

Sponsorship must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Sponsor credit may appear at the beginning and/ or end of program in audio or video
  • Sponsor credit must contain a leading announcement “the following/preceding program has been presented through the assistance of ……” followed by the names of the sponsors. No other description of the sponsor is allowed.
  • No jingles- only general non promotional musical background
  • No promotional slogans or tags
  • The outside view of the business is allowed as long as it is not promotional
  • No logos, animated or otherwise


6. Courtesy Credits (PEG access channels 18, 19, & 20)
Credits at the end of a program that acknowledge contributions to the production such as: Hair & Make-up by…” are considered courtesy credits. In kind donations of services and production must be evident during actual production in which the credits appear. Only the entity name and city can be displayed. Courtesy Credits are in addition to sponsorship.

All programs utilizing ETV Facilities and Equipment should acknowledge same.

7. Producer Rights
Producers of access programs retain all the content of their programs. Signatures upon a Media Distribution Release Form DOES NOT relinquish any rights of ownership by the producer; rather it merely gives the access channel limited rights to air that program. ETV WILL NOT duplicate any program any portion thereof without prior consent of the producer.

  Media Distribution Release Form (For Producers) (95.8 KiB, 1,460 hits)

Section II Media Distribution

Rules for Distribution on Comcast PEG Channels 18, 19, & 20 –ATT U-Verse and V-Brick Internet Streaming
A program may be produced and submitted for Media Distribution; however, duplication may not occur. Media Distribution Segments from a previously broadcast program may be reused in a future production and said production can be submitted to air at a future date.

1. Distribution on the Public Access Channel 18
Time on the public access channel is made available on a first come, first serve, and non discriminatory basis to all residents of East Haven. Every effort is made to insure that programs are aired at the requested time but is dependent on the availability of play decks and the volume of requests as well as other factors. ETV cannot be held responsible for any failure to air programs as scheduled for any reason, including but not limited to technical difficulties. When applications are received simultaneously, preference will be given in the following order:

  • Programs produced by access users within the town
  • Access users who have not previously used the channel
  • All others

Air time is not transferable. ETV Board of Directors reserves the right to waive these rules when necessary. All programs will be aired for two cycles of four days each with a minimum of three airings per day. Requests for repeat airing may be made after a two week period from the last airing date. (This may be subject to change based upon programming demands.)

All programs submitted must be accompanied by a completed Media Distribution Release Form.

2. Distribution on the Education access Channel 19
Time on the Education Access Channel is made available to students, educators and education Department personnel in the Town of East Haven on a first come, first serve, and non discriminatory basis. Every effort is made to insure that all programs are aired at the requested time but this is dependent upon available decks and volume of requests. All programs will be given a minimum of 24 airings. Requests for repeat airing may be made after two week period from the last airing date (This may be subject to change based upon programming demands). All programs submitted must be accompanied by a COMPLETED Media Distribution Form, available from the Channel 19 Coordinator.

If questions are raised regarding contents or suitability of a program to air on the Education Channel, the Channel Coordinator shall submit said program to the ETV Board of Directors for further review prior to airing or non airing of same.

The Education Channel cannot be utilized for self promotion by political
candidates, campaigns or organization or for the solicitation of funds for political purposes.

3. Distribution on the Government Access Channel 20
Time on the Government Access Channel is made available to all local, state and federally elected and appointed officials, as well as government departments or agencies on the local, state and federal level.

Every effort is made to insure that programs are aired at the requested time but is dependent on available decks and volume of requests. All programs will be given a minimum of 24 airings; Requests for repeat airing may be made after a two week period from the last airing date (This may be subject to change based upon programming demands).

If questions are raised regarding content or suitability of a program to air on the Government Channel, the Channel Coordinator shall submit said program to the ETV Board of Directors for further review prior to airing or non airing of same. The Government Channel cannot be utilized for self promotion by political candidates, campaigns or organizations or for the solicitation of funds for political purposes.

4. Programs Produced Outside East Haven (PEG Channels 18, 19 & 20)
Programs produced outside East Haven may be submitted for airing on channels 18, 19, and or 20 if they are non commercial and for benefit of the persons residing in the Town of East Haven. All programs should be forwarded to ETV with a completed Media Distribution Release Form and a cover letter detailing the content and purposes of the program and the requested airing channel (P E or G).

5. Standards (PEG channels 18, 19 & 20)
All programs submitted must be accompanied by the appropriate form. Appointments may be made to drop off programs with the appropriate Channel Coordinator. If programs are sent via mail, ETV is not responsible for the program or its return unless prior arrangements are made in advance. All programs must meet ETV technical Standards as noted below:

  • VHS, SVHS or DVD format.
  • One show per tape or DVD
  • Videotapes and DVDs must be labeled with producer’s name, and telephone number program title, and length.
  • Tapes that do not carry a stable signal will not be cablecast
  • The beginning of all programs must include at least 10 seconds of black screen or color bars with no audio.
  • All programs submitted must meet one of the following criteria with regard to program length:
    • Half hour time Slot
      • A duration of a minimum of 15 minutes in length or a maximum of 29 minutes length
    • One Hour Time Slot
      • A duration of a minimum of 45 minutes in length or a maximum of 59 minutes in length.

If your program exceeds 59 minutes in length it must be submitted as a two part production Please contact the Channel 18 coordinator for special instruction.

6. Procedures for Distribution (PEG Channels 18, 19 & 20)
A Media Distribution Release Form can be obtained from the appropriate channel coordinator. It must be completed in its entirety and the user name, address and contain the following: proposed dates, duration of the program, name and address of contact person or organization.

Please note that producers are responsible for acquiring all necessary releases from individuals appearing in their productions. Copyrighted material cannot be used unless written permissions or releases are obtained from the owner. ETV reserves the right to request that copies of all releases acquired in connection with the production of the program by the producer, be submitted along with the
Media Distribution Release Form.

7. Designating Time Slots (PEG channels 18, 19 & 20)
All programs will have a minimum of 24 airings. Of the 24 slots granted for each program, a minimum of eight must be in the Prime Time slots of 5:00 pm to 9:00pm. Time may be requested and granted on a first come, first serve, basis and depending upon availability.

All programs will be aired according to the intended viewing audience. Requests for continuous weekly time slots for a program series can be made within 2 weeks of the first appearing show. This time slot can only be held for a maximum of 13 weeks.

Programs deemed to be of content not suitable for viewing by minors will be aired during the adult only viewing time slot of 1:00 am to 4:00 am.

8. Public Opinion Programs
Public opinion programs may be submitted to Channel 18, the Public Access Channel for airing in the following format:

  • Producer/ Creator of the program must gives his or her name and address at the opening and ending of the program
  • The Following disclaimer must be In audio or video format “The opinion I will be expressing is my own personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of East Haven Public Television, Inc. or any other person
    or entity.”
  • All programs must contain factual information. False, illegal, slanderous, or misleading information is strictly prohibited
  • ETV reserves the rights to add disclaimers.

9. Returning of Tapes/ DVDs (PEG Channels 18, 19 &20)
After a program has been aired the producer will be notified and requested to pick up same. If no response is received with in two weeks a letter will be forwarded. Programs not picked up after a six week period will be disposed of.

10. Community Bulletin Board (PEG Channel 20)
Bulletin Board announcements are aired on ETV Government Channel 20. To air an announcement please contact the Channel Coordinator for the necessary submission form or visit our website at www.easthaventv.org.

Messages will air on a first come, first serve basis from local national and regional non profit and government entities, based upon space availability. Messages must be non commercial in nature. Messages may be edited when deemed necessary.

In the event of an emergency or weather related event, the regularly schedule Bulletin Board announcements will be interrupted to disseminate pertinent information to the public regarding the situation. Individuals may submit announcements by mail or email.

Note: Channel 19 will air messages related to the Education System in the Town of East Haven. Channel 18 will air messages related to PEG access and the ETV organization.

Section III Production Facility

Reserving the ETV production Facility and/or Equipment.
(400 Coe Avenue, East Haven)

ETV Facilities and equipment are provided free or charge for the use of persons residing in the Town of East Haven to produce and distribute non commercial local access programs on ETV Channels 18, 19, & 20. All programs produced using said equipment or facility must be aired in East Haven. ETV reserves the
right to ask for proof of residency.

The facility is scheduled on a first come, first serve non discriminatory basis. Users are limited to scheduling two blocks of time in advance. Once a block of time is used, additional time may be scheduled. Users are required to give 48 hours notice in the event of cancellation for reserved equipment or studio/editing time. This may be waived in emergency situations. Reserved time is non–transferable. Equipment and studio use forms must be completed and on file for each use. Use of the studio/editing facility and/ or equipment must be scheduled in advance by calling the ETV Studio at 203-469-6151. No food or drink is allowed in the studio or control room.

1. Crew Members
Crew members should attend a basic video production workshop. This requirement will be waived if the individual shows proficiency in the use of the equipment.

2. Editing
No one may operate the editing equipment unless trained and certified by ETV staff. A staff person or Board Member must be present during all such use. Editors can be trained on an individual basis.

3. Equipment
Access equipment may not be used for individual use, other than for the production of a program to air on the access channels, and may not be used for profit–making or commercial purposes, (either by a group, individual, or sponsor). Users must consult ETV staff prior to making changes to any settings, wiring,
connections, or adding accessories. Equipment is upgraded and replaced as needed.

4. Portable Equipment

  ETV Program Plan for User (for Borrowing Equipment) (77.7 KiB, 968 hits)

  • Individuals that demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of portable equipment usage will be allowed to take equipment off premises provided that they comply with the guidelines as set forth. Only select equipment that is available for use outside the facility please consult with the Channel 18 Coordinator. Proof of residency and identification are required prior to equipment use. ETV reserves the right to refuse use of equipment to any individual that does not provide sufficient personal identification. Equipment may not be taken outside of the State of Connecticut unless approved by ETV.

Section IV Violations & Penalties

In order for these Policies and Procedures to be effective, a penalty system has been instituted. Violations can result in restriction on an access user. ETV may issue warnings and suspensions.

1. Major Violations
Major Violations will result in a maximum 90 day suspension at the ETV Board of Directors direction. These may include but not limited to:

  • Commercial or profit making use of facilities and equipment
  • Misrepresentation of access users affiliation with ETV
  • Falsifying forms
  • Taking equipment without permission
  • Abuse of equipment
  • Use of equipment or facility while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Possession of a fire arm or concealed weapon on ETV facility grounds
  • Abuse of staff member or other access users
  • Nudity or improper attire

2. Minor Violations
Minor Violations will result in the following actions within a one year period:

FIRST VIOLATION—written warning
SECOND VIOLATION—30 day suspension
THIRD VIOLATION – 60 day suspension

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Failure to properly cancel use of facility or equipment
  • Late pick up or return of equipment without notification or approval
  • Mishandling equipment
  • Failure to clean up after using facility
  • Changing wiring connections, or attaching accessories without permission

All violations will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at a scheduled review meeting. Major violations will result in an immediate 20 day suspension. Violators will be given written notification by the Board of Directors at least 10 days prior to any scheduled review meeting.

Access users are encouraged to resolve difficulties with ETV. Anyone wishing to appeal a decision may do so by requesting a meeting with the Board of Directors in writing within 10 days of an action.

Section V Miscellaneous

Cooperation and courtesy of the producer and crew are necessary in insuring a successful production. Producers and talent may arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled studio time. Only individuals necessary to the production should be in the facility. Anyone caught stealing will be subject to prosecution and immediate barring from the facility.

No smoking and alcoholic beverages are allowed.

There are no charges for the use of the facility or equipment. However if equipment is lost or damaged exclusive of normal wear and tear, the producer shall be responsible for the cost of repair or replacements as required.

ETV provides some basic props. You may supplement these with your own set and props, but ETV cannot provide storage or be responsible for same. ETV will not be responsible for any lost or discarded articles.

Section VI Forms

The forms on the ETV Forms page are sample forms that may be utilized. Please contact ETV at 203-469-6151 to insure that revisions have not been implemented.